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"I'm Rene"

"And I'm Maggie"

"And we're wife and wife"

"I had a crush on her for ages. I remember screenshotting when she followed me and sending it to my girlfriend at the time like ‘OMG Maggie is following me"

“We just realised we had so much in common”

“Seven months after we met we just kind of decided over text that we were going to get married. It sounds crazy, but it honestly just felt like the easiest thing ever”

“We did face quite a bit of negativity, people felt the need to check that we were in our right minds. Ultimately it all comes back to the fact that people really don't trust young women to make decisions for themselves”

“People always say your wedding day is the best day of your life, and I was always like, 'is it though'? But it actually was – it was perfect. It gave everyone an insight into our relationship for the first time. Everyone’s concerns just melted away and they were like ‘Oh okay, I get it”

“In a world where you’re constantly delegitimised, actually taking a step like getting married is like a coping strategy, it’s what we felt like we had to do to be like ‘yes this is real, it’s very serious and we’re crazy in love”

"The advice I’d give to young girls is just fuck it up...and fall in love with everything - because it will love you back"



Featuring Maggie and Rene Matic

Images, gifs and video by Kiran Gidda and Mamamanvz, House of eM-Kay

Art Direction/Production by Ellen Ormerod