If you can't make it to WAH SOHO for Valentines this year, treat yourself to a DIY nail art mani with this super easy heart hack! Watch the video above or follow the step by step instructions below.

After your basecoat, apply two coat of your base colour, we've used WAH GYAL DEM, a sugary pink polish with a slight gold shimmer. 

Using a nail art pen of your choice (we went for a classic Valentine's red), place two dots of polish  onto the nail - this will form the top of your heart.

Using your nail art pen, connect the two dots, drawing down through the middle to create a V shape. Neaten up if you need to and voila! You've drawn a heart!

Continue this process, adding as many hearts as you'd like and playing around with different colours! If you can, add some half-hearts around the edge of the nail, to make the print look more effective.

Finally, apply a layer of your favourite topcoat for that extra glossy finish!

Ta-da! Super quick and easy!