Our social media content creator, nail artist and ultimate WAH QT Kayleigh Jean talks about landing her dream job through Instagram, finding inspiration and Kimoji nails…

“All I was doing was painting my nails at home, and now I’m doing my dream job!” gushes Kayleigh Jean, WAH’s social media content creator, best known for her ultra-girly unicorn nails and insanely detailed nail art.

Just a few months ago, Kayleigh was working in retail full-time, struggling to find an outlet for her creativity. After graduating from a Fashion Design course at university, she’d found it difficult to find her place in industry.

“When I left university I did a few freelance jobs, some of my illustration work was published in a book but it just wasn’t turning into a job. I started working at Zara just to pay the bills, it isn’t my dream career and I have to wear a plain black uniform, so I was really missing that creativity I had at uni. My creative outlet became painting my nails, because that was all I was really able to do. It quickly went from a French tip to polka dots, and then I discovered WAH and realised you could literally paint anything on your nails, so I took it to the next level,” she said.

Taking it to the next level might just be an understatement. This WAH baby began creating miniature masterpieces on her mani; taking inspiration from pop culture, trends and intricate prints, her work quickly saw her gaining the attention of big brands.  

“I was posting on Instagram and on my blog and got loads of amazing feedback, I did some work for Primark and So..? fragrances, all because they’d seen my work online. I was constantly posting nail art and using WAH products, I absolutely loved the brand. Sharma invited me down for a masterclass for all the WAH babies and shortly afterwards a job came up. I commented saying ‘Oo I’d love to! Dream job!’ and that was that! Here I am!”

Now our dream girl is creating fresh content for WAH every week, from brand collabs to topical talons, she’s constantly coming up with new ideas.

“I always love to do a lot of colour and a lot of detail, my favourite design is probably Aztec prints,” she said. “I get a lot of inspiration from other nail artists and celebrities, but mainly just what’s around me – what’s on the catwalk, what’s outside, colours, patterns, etc. I find inspiration everywhere and anywhere.”

Having only been with WAH for a matter of months, it’s clear this qt is totally nailing it right now - we can't wait to see what more she's capable of! On the road to #wahWORLDWIDEDOMINATION, whose nails is she dying to paint?

“My dream client would be someone like Kim Kardashian, she never has anything interesting on her nails! It’d be cool to do something really out there with loads of colour, maybe I could give her some Kimoji nails…”

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