Stylist and designer Vanna Youngstein on being a Brit babe in the Big Apple living the American dream.

Despite growing up in Hampstead Heath, Vanna Youngstein isn’t your average Posh Spice. Born in the same hospital as Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, she’s become fash-pack royalty in her own right and is first in line to becoming our next #wcw.

With her Dad working as a lawyer in the States, Vanna travelled to and from the US from a young age, quickly becoming obsessed with all things Americana.

"I wore pink cowboy boots for my bday party in high school,” she reminisces. This girl clearly had state-side sass early on, and splitting her time between London and the USA has only added to her dreamy style. Vanna describes her aesthetic as “Pretty in pink goes varsity”; whimsical looks with elements of “borrowed boyfriend’s jacket” chic.

And why wouldn't you borrow clothes from your boyf when he's none other than William Strobeck? (Director of videos for skate brand Supreme and all-round legend). Vanna's ties to the skate scene both in NYC and West London add a laid-back vibe to her style, she's the cool girl you just have to be friends with.

Her love for the USA continued to grow and Vanna moved out to the Big Apple full-time. Working for brands such as Zac Posen and Opening Ceremony, she then began making her name as a stylist.

Vanna’s Instagram encapsulates her work perfectly; jam-packed with Disney themed, manic pixie dream girl inspo, dotted with kawaii girls and 90s super babes. 

“I recently styled a short film in Disneyworld and Jupiter Florida with Gia Coppola, Tracy Antonopoulos and Asli Baykal which I am very excited to come out. I’ve also got some fun shoots lined up over the next few months in New York and London.”

Whilst making waves in the styling world, Vanna is also in the process of creating her own clothing line; a culmination of everything that’s inspired her over the years, from trinkets and images collected during her Transatlantic travels to her ties with the West London skaters.

“I have big dreams for it! I want to make a capsule collection that you can just wear as part of your uniform, like wear it all together everyday and you look sick. I'm so hyped on it! I eventually want to create a brand for girls that is so sick that all the boys want to borrow it too.”

(Err, they obvs will)

“The t-shirts say ‘Cherry Baby’ and they will eventually come in all different colours - I feel like that's a good start in introducing the collection.”

It’s safe to say we’ll be first in line to get our hands on them when they drop. This WAH QT clearly has the stars painted in her future, with her style’s unique mix of romanticism, girly-girl cuteness and vintage edge. This pre-Raphaelite princess of the styling fash-pack is establishing her own kingdom and we’re sure she’ll reign supreme. YAASS QUEEN.

Make sure you follow Vanna on Instagram and Twitter for updates on her clothing line’s release. 

By Ellen Atlanta

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