What it feels like for a girl...to be fighting transphobia, fabulously.

This week, I interviewed a passionate activist in the LGBT community....and one of my new favourite people.

Charlie Craggs.

Charlie Craggs, founder of Nail Transphobia is making a change in the world...one mani at a time. Over the past two years, the 23-year-old West Londoner has travelled across the UK organising events at the V&A and Science Museum, as well as creating pop ups at festivals such as Fringe! and London Pride. The campaign began as part of Charlie's final project at uni (she studied BA Creative Direction for Fashion at LCF) but has since become a way for her to share her own journey of transitioning and also to show that trans people are totally nice, normal people like you and I. By offering something as simple as a 10 minute mani, Charlie has been able reach people who may have never meet someone from the LGBT community or have never spoken to a trans woman. 

"I want my campaign to be innovative and creative. Charity can be done fabulously. Its not just about standing in the street in a day glow vest with a bucket....You can educate people and change their perception by touching them on a personal level"

When she's not plotting world domination, we asked Charlie what she gets up to: 

"Nail Transphobia is pretty much taking over my life right now, but I'm also the Editor of Pigeons & Peacocks magazine *check it out, IT'S AMAZING! - Billie* which is great. I love making films and have worked alongside Kathryn Ferguson, casting for her Selfridges videos. I love doing anything creative that I can apply to my campaign too".

As well as building her brand to Boss B*tch status, Charlie hopes to continue to inspire people with her personal journey.

"Its been incredible to have so many people share their stories with me. The fact that I am able to inspire and offer support to people that are transitioning or have a family member who is feels amazing".

Charlie has created cute A-Z nail decals that she sells through her website . In the future she hopes to make Nail Transphobia a global campaign, donating 100% off the proceeds to funding activities and support groups for trans woman.

As we wrapped up our interview (talking about which BeyoncĂ© we would be of course....), I realised how inspirational, focused and truly fabulous Charlie really is. 

2016 is going to be a busy year for her and personally, I cant wait to see whats next....


-Billie Jean Bowdery