press on nails

Perfecting the press on nail was key for us as ready made nails are usually only available in limited designs with just harsh glue. The WAH London PRESS ON NAILS come with a strong adhesive flexible glue tab that ensures secure and long lasting wear with no damage to the nails. There are 6 designs to choose from with two standout styles being collaborative efforts with our friends from NYC and LA. Madeline Poole is an internationally renowned nail artist, who creates work for all your favourite fashion brands. She is one of our BFFs in the nail world and we are excited to bring you her legendary “Frog Poole” design straight from her studio to your fingertips. Gordon Stevenson AKA Baron Von Fancy is our New York pal and honorary WAH Boy. He has created art that has blown our minds with its crazy colour and sassy vibe and we are excited at being able to wear his art on our own mini canvasses.